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"I started practicing BJJ with Scout as my first instructor. I fell in love with this martial art since the first lesson. Scout’s passion for BJJ is contagious, and since the beginning she taught me to pay attention to every single detail. She is a very attentive instructor, and she always pays attention to her students’ mistakes and weaknesses. After a while, I also started training with Lucas when he was professor at my current dojo. Lucas’ lessons have always been very intense but with a nice and motivating atmosphere. He always encourages his students to improve and do more. When I started competing, I always had his support and attention during the lessons. I’ve started practicing BJJ very late. Both Scout and Lucas never looked at my age as a limit. They have always trained me as any other student, and that gave me so much confidence and motivated me to improve no matter what. Both are very professional, and I really wish them all the best in their new adventure."
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